Personal and Private Chef Services

Personal Chef 
At home, eating well and wholesome is important to me; I cook using fresh and whole foods, preparing as much from scratch as possible. As a personal chef I am able to bring this concept into your kitchen for your ease and convenience. Choose from the meal options listed or sit down with me to build a customized meal plan based on dietary or health restrictions

Meals Available
A selection of my signature meals are listed here.

Personal Pantry Shopper and/or Food Prep  
On a weekly or bi-weekly basis, I will sit down with you to meal plan then go grocery shopping at your preferred grocer. Food prepping for the week's meals also available; meats and veggies are chopped, diced, trimmed then labeled ready and waiting in the fridge. A print out of your chosen recipe will also be available for you to follow. 

Private Chef and Catering
As a private chef and on site caterer, I menu plan, shop and help coordinate your event with you. The day of the event myself plus any other hired hands for the event such as prep cooks/bartender/servers will arrive early, prep the meal and take care of kitchen clean up. Services include but are not limited to birthday parties, themed parties or showers, anniversary dinners and even small weddings!

Dinner and Cocktail Parties
From an intimate dinner for two to a fancy cocktail party up 100 guests.

Cookouts and Clambakes
For a fun no fuss summer grilling party or a clam/lobstah bake for you and your friends

Tea Parties
Perfect for bridal or baby showers, an afternoon with the girls or bookclub

Tasting Parties 
Scotch tasting for a bachelor party, coffee tasting and food pairing for your inner coffee geek, or a wine tasting for a fun Friday night party. I will provide printed out information on wine and spirits and any recipes for food served for guests to keep.