Cooking Lessons

Bringing the accessibility of wholesome and affordable food to your kitchen by teaching basic techniques, seasonal cooking, and simple lifestyle recipes. Private lessons are available on a one on one format in your home or can set be set up as a cooking demo in a class setting for a larger group or party in the venue of your choice. Choose from one the classes along with a choice of recipes or sit down with Megan to come up with a customized class and menu focused on your personal culinary goals and desires from type of cuisine (Asian, Mediterranean, Central/South American, etc) to advanced cooking techniques. Recipe and information printouts included with all classes. 

The Basics 
The basics are two hour classes and offer a foundation to cooking and teach the guiding principles to learning to cook on your own. 

Knife Skills 
First hour knife skills, second hour cooking with product. Learn how to dice vegetables, fabricate and trim an entire chicken, fish, or protein of your choice.

Techniques Class 

Broken down into two parts, prepping and going over technique; brine, blanch, sauté, grill, braising, etc. then cooking the prepped vegetable or protein.   

Classic Sauces and Dressings
Learn the five classic mother sauces and how to make daughter sauces from them. Learn to make mayonnaise, and other egg based dressings as well as vinaigrette/citronette, creamy dressings, etc. 

The Advanced Cook
The Advanced Cook classes are three hour classes geared towards adding advanced recipes and techniques to your repertoire to continue building your skill and confidence as a home cook. 

Pasta Making by Hand
Learn to make and cook fresh pasta. Hand cut or stuffed pastas, and using a manual pasta maker.

Pates and Terrines 
Learn to make chicken liver pate, a duck or pork rillette, or pressed terrine from scratch with basic tools and easy to find ingredients. 

Canning and Preserves
Learn simple canning and preserving technique such as marmalades, fruit preserves, and pickles. Extend your summer garden into winter or give as labor of love gifts.

Lifestyle Classes 
Lifestyle classes offer healthy and useful recipes and tools for everyone to make better food choices at home, from making baby food to making fun cocktails.

Feeding Baby
Making baby food from scratch starting with baby's first solid foods up to feeding a toddler with easy, quick and balanced meals. 

Simple Vegetarian Meals
Learn to make satisfying and well balanced meals without the use of certain animal proteins such as a beef, pork, poultry, and fish. Can be tailored to include fish or to be vegan friendly.

Cooking With The Seasons
Learn what fruits and vegetables are in season and how to cook with them in easy, versatile recipes.

Cocktails and appetizers
Learn recipes and techniques for easy to make cocktails and appetizers that feed a crowd for a planned soiree or a last minute get together.

Group Tasting Classes
Scotch tasting for a bachelor party, coffee tasting and food pairing for your inner coffee geek, or a wine tasting for a fun Friday night party. Printed out information provided on wine, spirits, teas, coffees and any recipes for food served for guests to keep. Classes are two hours long or can be adjusted in length for larger groups. 
Wine Class
For the beginning or intermediate wine lover the class is designed to expose you to different varietals and simple food pairings. This class can be gear towards a specific varietal (A selection of Chardonnay, Zinfandel, etc from different countries/regions), region (A selection of wines from Bordeaux, Napa Valley, etc.), or country (A selection of wines from Italy, New Zealand, U.S., etc.) based on your needs and educational desires.  

Spirits Class 
Your choice of a selection of the spirit of your choice: gin, bourbon, tequila, etc. Tasting of different types with food pairings, and with recipes for cocktails of selected spirit. 

Tea or Coffee Class
A tasting of different types of loose leaf teas or coffees along with tasting notes and food pairing.