News and Tequila

I've yet again become a bit overwhelmed with a few of life's little complications, which successfully took me from the joys of my blog. I thought of it often as I was squaring away some unfinished business and working full time. I longed for a free afternoon (or just an afternoon in which I had the mental energy) to share something I cooked up or a photo of a delicious meal cooked just for me. Things are starting to fall back into place and while the hiatus was anything but stress free, I was able to also think about where I was going with à la crème. 

When I started this blog, it was my first (and scary) small step towards creating something bigger for myself, something that would connect me to an audience with whom I could share my love of cooking, eating and learning. I'm still learning how to maintain my blog and still searching for the quality that sets me apart from all the other culinary bloggers out there but I'm enjoying writing so far. I'm finding it to be quite cathartic, actually, and sharing my knowledge and ideas with the readers of à la crème is a satisfying venture; but I'm ready for more. 

I'm happy (and again, terrified) to share with those who have come across this blog that I'm in the works of expanding à la crème. I'm working on adding new pages to the website that will now include private chef services, as well as private cooking lessons available to those in New Hampshire and parts of New England. It's still going to take some time before I'm fully functional as a private chef and teacher but it's something I've wanted to do for quite a while. So, now, in the midst of new beginnings and transitions, it feels like the perfect time to start the next step in my life. With that said here is a new drink recipe to kick off à la crème's new beginning, slow and steady though it may be. 

The past few weeks I've become slightly obsessed with the perfect warm weather cocktail that has quickly become my favorite to enjoy after work or on a lazy Sunday when I'm craving something refreshing. Sort of a riff on a margarita but easier to make, and slightly addictive, I think the Mexican mule will become my summer drink of 2013. I prefer the taste of silver tequila but you may use any type you like, really. I also use extra dry ginger beer for a less sugary drink but regular ginger beer and ginger ale both make for a delicious and refreshing drink. Cheers!  

Mexican Mule 
Serves one  
½ of one lime, juiced
Two ounces silver tequila 
One bottle of ginger beer or ginger ale

In a cocktail shaker, add ice, lime juice, and tequila. Shake well, until the outside of the shaker is frosty and pour into a tall glass. Add more ice if desired (I love extra ice) and top off with ginger beer. Garnish with a lime wedge and enjoy!