Prosciutto e Melone

I was going through some old photos today and came across this delightful looking one that I took of my lunch last summer. Prosciutto and melon is a pretty classic pairing even stateside these days, it was a part of the curriculum in my International class in culinary school and I'm fairly certain I even remember eating it at a wedding in the late nineties. It is one of my favorite summertime treats, the sweet juicy cantaloupe and the dry salty prosciutto make for a delicious and light pairing. 

It also reminds me a lot of my first summer in Bologna; making more new memories quicker than I would ever be able to remember, meeting new friends, and of all things, gelato. Some things you just never forget. I'll never forget sitting in wonderment at a table full of Italian musicians laughing and teasing each other, while I ate prosciutto e melone.  

Today, I'm dreaming of summer in Italy. And gelato.

As long as you're buying the good stuff, that being Prosciutto di Parma, a little prosciutto goes a long way. A quarter pound usually ends up somewhere between six and eight slices depending how thinly sliced it is, and where it's being sliced from on the leg. That's plenty for three people as a light lunch with two generous slices each of ripe cantaloupe. Buon appetito! 

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